Friday, November 03, 2006

A Few Notes On The Top 25 Songs For October

So, I lacked the time to write comments about 25 songs and still meet my first of the month deadline but there are still a few things I’d like to say about the Top 25 Song For October.

  • This was the first time that I truly struggled to pick the top song. I’m still not sure that I made the right decision.
  • “Cotton Crush” was the hot riser on the list. There no telling how high that song might have ranked if the list had been written a week later. I found myself grinning in pure ecstasy today when, for the first time, I discovered the lyrics “When a girl walks along. / She's humming your song, / with your t-shirt on. / That's when you're done, / Oh, that's when you're done.” Kevin Devine’s lyrics constantly amaze me. He would otherwise be an average lyricist but he has a fearlessness that allows him to address topics (such as being desperately lonely and then watching a girl walk by humming your song and wearing your t-shirt without even recognizing you) that others would never touch due to the risk of being clich├ęd, controversial, or awkward.
  • Sam’s Town is the most enjoyably flawed album I’ve ever heard. The music is generally incredible but at times Brandon Flower’s Springsteen impression and lyrics are just laughably awful. I have never heard lyrics this stupid in my entire life: “When everybody else refrained / my Uncle Johnny did cocaine. / He convinced himself right in his brain / that it helps to take away the pain”; “I see London. / I see Sam’s Town”; and best of all “Now Adam’s taking bombs / and he’s stuck on his mom / because that bitch keeps trying to make him pray. / He’s with the hippy in the park / combing over the dark / just trying to get some of that little girl play.”
  • I agree with Kevin that Out Of The Angeles is somewhat disappointing but that’s how sophomore releases often go. Everything I love about Amusement Parks On Fire was more or less displayed on their first album and it’s hard to imagine that band putting out an album that is drastically different from their debut and yet equally great. I still think Out Of The Angeles is a very good album and there’s a chance it will land on my Top Ten Albums Of The 2006 list in a couple months time.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Top 25 Songs For October

So, a couple things about the top songs of the month: first of all, it’s clearer than ever that we’re dealing with the Top 25 (not The Top 15) Songs of the Month. I’ve attempted this three times and ended up with 25 songs each time. There’s simply no reason to fight it anymore, that’s just how many great songs I get into each month and I don’t have the time required to whittle the list down to a top 15.

On that note, there are no comments for the songs this month. Presumably, I’m more disappointed about this than anyone since it was one of the goals I set out when I started this entry and my way of differentiating the list from Tom’s. I just did not have the time this month to attempt an insightful comment for twenty five songs and still meet my deadline. I spent every minute of last weekend visiting with Matt and writing my open memo, then went out to the bar to celebrate finishing the memo on Monday, went out to a bar to watch the Bulls last night, and will be attending a wine tasting at the school tonight. Unfortunately I’ve also been forced to fit my reading in there somewhere.

Without further ado, I give you the top 25 songs for October. As always, hit me up on AIM if you would like to receive the songs.

25. Ben Kweller – Nothing Happening

24. Amusement Parks On Fire – A Star Is Born

23. Now It’s Overhead – Daylight Daybreak

22. The Killers – Uncle Johnny

21. Amusement Parks On Fire – To The Shade

20. Ben Kweller – Until I Die

19. The Killers – Bling (Confessions Of A King)

18. Okkervil River – Your Other Man [Jandek Cover]

17. Amusement Parks On Fire – In Flight

16. Amusement Parks On Fire – Out Of The Angeles

15. The Hold Steady – Party Pit

14. Bound Stems – Wake Up, Ma And Pa Are Gone

13. The Killers – When You Were Young

12. Thom Yourke – The Eraser

11. The Killers – Read My Mind

10. Kevin Devine – No Time Flat

9. Kevin Devin – Cotton Crush

8. Amusement Parks On Fire – Blackout

7. The Killers – Exitlude

6. Sleater-Kinney – Far Away

5. The Hold Steady – You Can Make Him Like You

4. Now It’s Overhead – Estranged

3. Bound Stems – Excellent News, Colonel

2. Okkervil River – Love To A Monster

1. The Hold Steady – Chill Out Tent